He Is Risen

The earth shook with the news. He is not here; He is risen! And in that moment, joy replaced despair, hope pushed past fear, and life conquered deathnot just that day, but for eternity. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ for what it meant then and what it means for us every day a sacrifice that brings forgiveness, renewal, and peace to any of us who put our faith in Jesus.

There is no one like Jesus Christ.

No one who has ever lived is like Jesus. There have been many prophets; but Jesus is more than just a prophet. There are many teachers; but Jesus Christ is more than just a teacher.

Jesus Christ is the most holy and perfect being who has ever walked on this earth — because He is totally holy. Jesus alone is the only begotten Son of God. Jesus is God Himself. Jesus gave His life for our sins.

The Story of God’s Love is Bible

The bible is the story of God’s love.

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